Python scripts inside PowerShell window

Posted by Wim on September 5, 2012

Python scripts can be run seamlessly in a Powershell console window.


After installing Python on Windows, you can start a Python script by executing the script file-name.
For example:


However, the command is not executed in the same PowerShell window. It opens a new command window to start python.exe, which executes the command (and immediately closes the window).

This behavior can be changed, and the script can be executed within the current PowerShell window. Just add the .py file extension to the PATHEXT environment variable. This can be done by executing this command:

$env:PATHEXT += ";.py"

You can add this command to your $profile file, so you don’t need to execute this command in every newly started PowerShell window. Run the next command to add this line to your $profile automatically:

"`n" + '$env:PATHEXT += ";.py" # Transparent execution of Python scripts' |Out-File $profile -Append -Encoding Default

You can test it by creating and running a small script:

'print("Hello, World!")' | Out-File -Encoding Default